Inspiring Older Women to Tell Their Stories

For too long older* women** have largely been ignored in mainstream culture, where the cult of youth is paramount and women beyond a certain age are seen as unimportant or ‘past it’. But at this time of change and upheaval, never has it been more important to tap into the vast experience that these people have to offer. 

Women Speak Volumes is a free Inspiration Bank, a first step in helping older women to tell their stories in whatever way they want to. 

This week discover:

Fifty Inspirational Older Women – read about women from around the world working in very different fields who have inspired our creative advisory group.

UK Lives and Experiences – thought-provoking themes, ideas and thoughts from older women in different parts of the country.

Writing Tips – different ways to get you writing from thirteen acclaimed authors featured in our tenth-anniversary anthology, Not Quite Right for Us.

Older Women Starting to Tell Their Stories – featuring women whose creative journeys have started in later life. Explore their work and be inspired! 

Let the river sing’ – watch a new film combining artwork, music and poetry from three older women creating work in the South West.

Seed Constellation by Susan Derges

* By ‘older’, we mean over the age of 41 (based on half the average life expectancy for a woman in the UK from the Office of National Statistics).

** We welcome those who identify with our aim of celebrating and supporting women telling their stories in ways that reconcile with their understanding of their own gender identity. This includes trans women, non-binary and cis women. We do not require any statement beyond a woman’s self-identification and interpret a booking or expression of interest as confirmation of that identification.

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