Barby Asante

(1971 on)

Barby Asante is a London-based artist, curator, educator and occasional DJ. Her work is concerned with the politics of place, space memory and the histories and legacies of colonialism. Asante’s work is collaborative, performative and dialogic, often working with groups of people as contributors, collaborators or co-researchers. Her artistic practice explores the archival, makes propositions, collects and maps stories and contributions of people of colour using storytelling, collective actions and ritual, to excavate, unearth and interrogate given narratives. Her projects include The South London Black Archive (Peckham Platform/ Tate Modern, 2012), an archive project mapping black music and memories in south London, through an invitation to audiences and local people to create the archive of black music memory collaboratively. Her current artistic research is focused on her long-term project, As Always a Painful Declaration of Independence: For Ama. For Aba. For Charlotte and Adjoa.  Asante has taught on Fine Art and Critical Studies programmes in London, Berlin, Gothenburg and Rotterdam and is a PhD Candidate in CREAM, Westminster University, London. 

Lucy Davies

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