Eliane Brum

(1966 on) – Journalist and Documentary Maker

Eliane Brum, born in Ijuí in southern Brazil, is a journalist, writer and documentary maker. She graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1988 and has written for Zero HoraÉpoca and El País among others, winning over forty international awards for her reporting, among them the Premio Rey de España and the Inter-American Associated Press Award. Brum is the author of: a novel, Uma Duas, published in English as One Two; three feature news stories books: Coluna Prestes – O Avesso da LendaA Vida que Ninguém Vê (which was awarded in 2007 the Prêmio Jabuti) and O Olho da Rua; and A Menina Quebrada, a collection of columns written by her for Época magazine’s website. She is co-director of documentaries including Severina’s StoryGretchen Filme Estrada, and Laerte-se. In October 2019, her new book The Collector of Leftover Souls was published. 
I first met Eliane in 2020 in London and heard of her commitment to defending the Amazon and the rights of the indigenous peoples. When I read The Collector of Leftover Souls, I was taken aback by the beauty and honesty of her writing, even when depicting the harshest of situations. She is a woman of principle and integrity.

Sharmilla Beezmohun

Read more: https://rainforestjournalismfund.org/people/eliane-brum

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