Sue Aikens

(1963 on) ā€“ Survivalist, Entrepreneur and Television Personality

Born in Chicago, USA, Sue Aikens is a popular TV personality, producer and entrepreneur. She is the lead cast member of Life Below Zero (2013 on), a National Geographic Channel documentary TV show that captures her life in the wild. She moved to Alaska with her mother at around the age of twelve. Aikens has a huge fan base across the globe, drawn to her adventurous spirit. Her extraordinary survival skills, perseverance, determination and courage, displayed in the Alaskan jungle, inspire many. She has faced attacks by wild animals and the harshest weather conditions, none of which has deterred her from her adventurous pursuits. She also runs Kavik River Camp.

I am obsessed with this show and Sue is my favourite character. She is a true eccentric living off grid on her own in the arctic circle. Her courage, bravery and crazy lifestyle is really fascinating. 

Lucy Davies

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