Not Quite Right For Us

Speaking Volumes is immensely proud to have reached the milestone of having been operating as an organisation for 10 years. As a team of three, working part time with no core funding, we like to feel we punch above our weight, having worked with and promoted hundreds of underrepresented writers over the last decade with projects and programmes throughout the UK and around the world. To celebrate this we are so pleased to be publishing our first book. With publisher flipped eye (part of their 20th anniversary list), Not Quite Right For Us: Forty Writers Speak Volumes is available from 21 May 2021: order here:

To accompany the book there is a digital tour – online events curated under the chapter headings of the book. Readings by the authors will be accompanied by photos, video and artwork, many newly commissioned for this purpose.

Explore the book, the authors whose pieces are in the book, the artists who have made new work and the events below. Watch our promotional film about the book featuring all of the writers, and listen to the Not Quite Right For Us podcast.

Listen to the Podcast

Friends, the people we choose to let into our lives, can be a joy and give us the support we need … but they can also make us feel ‘not quite right’. From the bonds and ties of friendships that develop over years or decades, to relationships forged in a moment; from the middle of an ocean of people and places to the bosom of family; what happens in moments of disjuncture and what those moments can lead to — good and bad — is articulated in the friendships we continually re-negotiate through life’s twists and turns. Sometimes, we can’t say what we feel, sometimes we swallow the hurt, sometimes actions speak louder than words. Honouring ten years of Speaking Volumes, Not Quite Right for Us is a warning shot, an affirmation, an education … In forty short stories, poems and essays — by turns wry, gentle, furious, humorous, passionate, analytical and elliptical — these forty writers, new and established, speak volumes, invoking their experiences of outsiderness and their defiance against it. In this episode we’ll hear ‘Airhead’ by Helen Mort; ‘I = You’ by Ashleigh Nugent; and ‘Olden Friends Are Golden’ by Tabish Khair. Our guide is stand-up poet, broadcaster and speaker Kate Fox. Not Quite Right for Us is a stellar new anthology which explores the many ways we’ve all been made to feel ‘not quite right’ at some time or another. This episode was recorded in collaboration with Speaking Volumes The anthology is available at all good bookshops, or order from Flipped Eye Publishing InformationMusic composed by Dominique Le GendreNarration by Lucy HannahExtra music & SFX from Epidemic Sound
  1. Friends
  2. Travel
  3. TodayTomorrow
  4. Love

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