Christine Carrington

(1967 on) – Molecular Virologist

Christine Carrington was born in 1967 in St Augustine, Trinidad but spent most of her childhood in Orange Grove, Tacarigua. Her mother was her biology teacher and nurtured her love for science. Her father encouraged her to read and discuss what she had learned with him. Her fascination with viruses came from the way in which they could find their way inside cells, and literally hijack and take control of them. Christine studied at for her BA and PhD in London and has been involved in infectious disease research since 1990. She is currently Head of Preclinical Sciences at the University of the West Indies St Augustine campus in Trinidad. She has written for many publications, has received awards for outstanding mentorship and is keen to help educate and raise awareness among the public. She also encourages budding scientists to, ‘Read widely. Don’t just read science. Music, art and drama are not just for artists. They, too, can help you achieve your goals.’

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