Gareth Peirce

(1940 on) – Solicitor / Human Rights activist

Born Jean Webb in 1940 in Cheltenham, Gareth Pierce worked as a journalist in the USA in the 1960s, following the career of Martin Luther King Jnr. She returned to the UK in 1970, undertook her postgraduate law degree and started as a law trainee in 1974. She is an amazing individual who has led many high-profile human rights cases in the UK over many decades. An inspiration to all who fight for truth and justice.

Lucy Davies

I have read with great admiration of the work of solicitor Gareth Peirce in her defence of the Guildford Four, The Birmingham Six, Moazzam Begg and the family of Jean Charles de Menezes. This quote from the Wikipedia page on her sums up her integrity: We have lost our way in this country. We have entered a new dark age of injustice and it is frightening that we are overwhelmed by it. I know I am representing innocent people; innocent people who know that a jury they face will inevitably be predisposed to find them guilty.

Dominique Le Gendre

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